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A workshop to simplify small business owners’ bookkeeping and taxes

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Between serving your clients and maintaining some semblance of a personal life, who has time for bookkeeping and taxes? The real answer: No one.

Let’s empower you to take control of your bookkeeping and taxes, giving you the freedom to grow your business with confidence. 

Streamline your books. Kick worry to the curb. Take on the world.

You keep pushing your books to the backburner.

Does any of  this sound familiar?

You avoid quarterly taxes because the entire process stresses you out.

Receipts are piling up and your accounting questions are becoming overwhelming.

don't worry―I've got you!

Hello, I'm Candace!

I’m a CPA with over a decade of accounting and finance experience.  After spending years working for multi-million dollar organizations, I couldn’t help but realize that empowering small business owners to succeed was truly where my passion lies. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to take the stress and anxiety out of taxes and bookkeeping for entrepreneurs.

This is why I developed the FEARLESS FINANCES WORKSHOP!

During the workshop, I walk you through everything you have been wanting to know about business structure, bookkeeping, and taxes. Giving you the peace of mind to take control of your business finances and slay tax season.

Once you’ve completed the workshop you’ll:

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Know the best entity structure for your business to save you money

Have an effortless bookkeeping system with straightforward templates

Master small business tax deductions to minimize your tax liability

Know how to easily pay quarterly estimated taxes with a simple worksheet

You bring the coffee and I’ll bring my nerd-tastic A-game. 

During the one hour, 5-part video workshop I hold your hand through the entire process of setting up a streamlined and foolproof bookkeeping and tax system.

Most importantly, the Fearless Finances Workshop will empower you with peace of mind. Setting you free to dream bigger and serve your clients even better. 

If you’re ready to move your books off the backburner and fearlessly build your business, let’s get started today.

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Average fee for 1 month of bookkeeping & tax strategy services

$1,016 value for only $197!

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Bookkeeping set-up & consultation 


Quickbooks Online Guide


Bookkeeping and deduction templates and worksheets


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What does this workshop include?

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- Business Structure
- Separating your personal and business finances
- Bookkeeping

PART 1: Steps When Starting a Business

- Create an awesome system today
- No accounting software needed (BONUS: Template included!)
- Want to upgrade to Quickbooks? (BONUS: Discount code + free guide)

PART 2: DIY Your Bookkeeping

- How to write off meals
- Travel deductions
- Auto deductions (BONUS: Template included!)
- Home office deductions (BONUS: Template included!)

PART 3: Small Business Tax Deductions

- Paying yourself as a sole proprietor or single-member LLC
- Paying yourself as an S-Corp

PART 4: How to Pay Yourself

- Who needs to pay them?
- When are they due?
- How much do you owe?

PART 5: Quarterly Estimated Taxes

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